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Investment philosophy

Conscious choice - transparent investment

A necessary condition for successful investment is the adjustment of many individual factors: available resources, investment objectives, time horizon and , finally, the attitude towards investment risk.
Therefore, investment planning should begin with assessing your individual financial situation and identifying your needs.  Through the analysis of personal finances with the use of the Investment Navigator you can easily develop investment plan tailored for your needs.

Bank Pekao S.A. declares that the information provided in connection with the usage of the Investment Navigator advice are provided in accordance to § 9. 12 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 20 November 2009 on the procedures and conditions for investment firms, banks, referred to in art. 70 sec. 2 of the Act and custodian banks (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 204, item. 1577), as well as the provisions of the Rules of reception and transmission of orders in relation to investment fund units. Investment advice provided through Investment Navigator is the conclusion of the Bank Pekao S.A. contract for reception and transmission of orders in relation to investment fund units. Transfer by Bank Pekao S.A. investment advice does not constitute investment advice within the meaning of the Act of 29 July 2005 on trading in financial instruments (consolidated text. U. No. 183, item. 1538, as amended. amended.). Bank Pekao S.A. in connection with the transfer of investment advice using Investment Navigator does not recommend the purchase or sale of certain financial instruments and does not monitor customers' investment structure and compliance with selected investment strategies (model portfolios). Bank Pekao S.A. is not responsible for the consequences of financial decisions taken on the basis of the above information. Presented data are for illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of similar results and benefits in the future.

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1. Personal situation analysis

The first step for conscious investment is to determine the amount you want to invest. This requires pinpointing what resources you currently have and assessing  what resources you will be supplied with in the future. How will you supply your investment in the future?

2. Purposes analysis

Saving extra money systematically? Children's education, property buying, retirement saving, perhaps? Knowing the objectives you can decide what you expect from your investments, and above all, how long they should last.

3. Strategy selection

Choice of investment strategy depends on your willingness to take investment risk and the assumed time horizon. Each investment has a different potential, so it is important to know the possible scenarios of the investment behaviour.

4. Product solution

Matching product solutions is the culmination of work on the investment portfolio. Only after a proper diagnosis of your expectations and needs, we can reflect on a selection of specific products, bearing in mind that the investment portfolio has to be adequately diversified.

5. Investment monitoring

Systematic control allows you to check whether the results of your investments are consistent with your expectations. Your circumstances and needs change, so in the future modification the investment portfolio might be required.
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