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PekaoInternet offers the broadest range of information and operations of all the Pekao24 channels.
Wherever you have an Internet access at home or at work  you can manage your accounts quickly
and conveniently. The website is available in Polish and English language versions.


  • SIMPLE TO USE - simple and intuitive navigation gives you quick access to all the necessary
    operations and functions
  • FUNCTIONAL - available options are combined and grouped to enable easier and quicker access
    to operations and products
  • SAFE - Pekao24 uses the latest technological solutions which guarantee security of transactions
    being performed.

You can customize the Pekao24 website to your own needs and select the information to be displayed
on the main page after you log in, create your personal shortcuts to the most frequently-used functions,
give your own names to bank products, or specify the default bank account number on transfer form.

Alerts about events transpiring on your Pekao24 accounts will help you manage your finances.
For example, you may be informed about an account login attempt or that a transfer has been
performed or rejected, for example due to insufficient funds in the account.


How to adjust the system to your needs?

  • Define the list of sections to be presented on the client's Home Page.
    Log into the PekaoInternet website and select Personalize view option available
    in top right corner or in the "Settings" section select Personalisation Home Page
    and change its content.
  • Give your own names to the products you use.
    Select "Personalize own product names" in the "Settings" section and change
    the name of a chosen product.
  • Create shortcuts to the operations you perform most often.
    To add a shortcut to a page, enter the page and select "My shortcuts" from the roll-down
    menu and click "Add a shortcut". This option will allow you to add up to 6 shortcuts. To remove
    a shortcut, enter "My shortcuts" and select the option "More" or "Manage shortcuts" and then
    click "Remove" next to the chosen item.
  • If you have any other questions, please use the "Help" button available in the left corner
    of each page of the PekaoInternet website.

How to order messaging?

Log in to PekaoInternet. Go to "Settings" and choose "SMS Messages" option.
Next, select "Settings for Register of Events" and tick the options in question.
You can order messaging service by contacting the consultant of TelePekao,
phone no. 800 380 380

PekaoInternet channel was divided into separate parts referred to as bookmarks. The side menu of each bookmark contains the list of operations available within the bookmark selected in the upper menu.


It contains a summary of your finances with the division into sections: "Assets" (accounts, deposits, investments), "Loans and Cards" and "Brokerage Service".

In the remaining sections you can check, among others, the amount of transaction limits, the list of predefined transfers and top-up and continuously monitor the state of your finances with the balance of assets (e.g. accounts, deposits, investments) and liabilities (e.g. limits used on credit cards, loans and credits).

You can specify the content of your home page, that is to decide which information about your products have to appear immediately after logging in. Just go to "Personalize view" available above the list of accounts.

From this page you also have access to settings which ensure the safe use of the internet service, for example SMS alerts or transaction limits.

When using this site you can always return to home page by clicking the icon on the left part of service menu.

The main menu of the service is available from every page and contains eight tabs: MONEY TRANSFERS, DEPOSITS, INVESTMENTS, CARDS, LOANS, SERVICES, APPLICATIONS and OFFER FOR YOU. 


Here you can find the list of your accounts and make a transfer (disposable, predefined,
recurrent and own account transfer).

In this section you can:

  • Gain access to history of current and archive operations and statements
  • Comprehensively manage the transfers and direct debits
  • Gain information about the status of ordered transfer and check the list of payments
    waiting for realization


From this tab you can open a new term deposit, flexible deposit, rentier deposit, step rate deposit or E-lok@ta offered on preferential terms only for customers using the internet service (PekaoInternet) and mobile banking. You get access to the list of your term deposits, their history and statements. Section enables also to terminate a deposit.


From this tab you have access to the list of your accounts in Pekao Investment Funds
and the history of operations and orders. Additionally, after signing a separate agreement in branch you can both purchase the investment funds units and order operations on funds, e.g. make a conversion or redemption.

Additionally you can apply to join Pekao Open Pension Fund and also review the current status and financial data on the OFE account.


This tab allows to review information about possessed payment cards. Here you can check the balance of used and available funds on the card and also operation history. Additionally, you can activate your card, transfer funds from card to your account, repay your credit card balance individually and manage automatic credit card repayment.


From this tab you can check the status and history of credit accounts. In any time you can also get information about the date and amount of the next installment of a loan.


In this tab you can use following services:

  • Phone top-up - here you can top-up your mobile phone and manage the predefined and recurrent top-up.
  • E-bills - with this function you can receive bills and invoices in a convenient, electronic form and regulate them in a quick and easy way without having to enter data manually.
  • Western Union - service enables, among others, ordering and receiving money transfers via the Internet.
  • BIK Reports - here you can order and receive "Credit Profile report" from Credit Information Bureau (BIK) and check your credit history.


In that tab you can submit a currency account or brokerage account application, cash loan or payment card application.


This tab allows you to view the current offer in the field of Bank Pekao S.A. products and services are available in Pekao24.


From this section you can carry out correspondence with the Bank and Brokerage and complete and submit the contact form using the "contact order". In this section you can also browse the welcome screens presenting the Bank's offer.


Here you can activate and download the mobile application Pekao24, order SMS notifications and change the security settings (including the method of transaction authorization, password, PIN Pekao24 and transaction limits). You can also change the content of the home page, specify the names of products, change the contrast setting, or shade of gray in the service.


Using this option, you can add shortcuts to the most frequently performed operations.
To add a new shortcut, simply move the mouse over the "My Shortcuts" and select "Add a shortcut to this page". The "Manage Shortcuts" allow for any change in the order of sections and the possible removal of items.


In this tab you can activate the mobile payments PeoPay and connect to them Eurokonto to make payments by phone directly from your account.
PeoPay is a modern and convenient way to pay phones available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Allows quick and convenient shopping in stores and online, withdraw cash from ATMs of Bank Pekao SA without a card, online transfers between users PeoPay.
For more information, please visit PeoPay


When selecting Brokerage Services available on the main menu page, you can access to the site of the Dom Maklerski Pekao allowing to have an investment account with the ability to execute orders and instructions. Using the functionality of the service Pekao24Makler require the conclusion of a separate agreement with the Dom Maklerski Pekao.
List of outlets where you can sign a contract is available on the If you do not have an investment account in Pekao24 you can request an opening.
If you hold an investment account in the Centralny Dom Maklerski Pekao S.A. (CDM) and place an appropriate disposition in the CDM access to the account via Pekao24 get by choosing this link: Go to the site CDMInternet available on the home page in the Brokerage.

The PekaoInternet channel correctly cooperates with the following browsers:

  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Chrom
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 7.0

For security reasons we recommend using the newest available browser versions.                                                 

In order to ensure proper and secure
functioning of the channel, we ask
you configure the browser according
to the Bank's recommendations. 
- Check the browser version
- Check the browser settings

We do not recommend using the beta or pre-release versions of the browsers. We would like to encourage Clients who are using earlier versions to switch to browsers specified above.

We recommend using browsers that can handle the 3.0 or higher version of SSL 128 bit protocol. JavaScript should be switched on in the browser.

If you are a new PekaoInternet user, prepare
a client number and PIN for Pekao24 service. 

You can login to the Internet channel:


Keep your 4-digit PIN for the Pekao24 service.
You will need it when you use the TelePekao
and PekaoSMS services.


Depending on whether this is your first or subsequent login, select one of the following options:

First logon

In order to login to the internet service:
1. On the first page, enter your client number and then click on "Next".

Pierwsze kroki_logowanie
2. On the next page, enter your PIN in the first four spaces designated for the password
and then click on "Login".

Pierwsze kroki_logowanie_2

3. You will go to the page to establish your password.
All you need to do is to enter your PIN, enter and re-enter a new password and then click
on "Confirm".

Pierwsze kroki_ustanowienie hasła

Some clues:

The password may have from 8 to 16 signs and be composed of digits, small and big letters
and special signs. Do not disclose the password, as the PIN, to any third person.

While defining a new password, you may check the security level. The power of the password
is defined by its complexity, its length and the type of signs that you have used. A secure password should contain both small and big letters, digits and special signs, and should not be a dictionary word.

A new password will be used at each log-in to PekaoInternet service.
You can change your password at any time by logging in to PekaoInternet service and choosing "Settings" section. After a valid log-in, you will see the main page with your data: first name
and surname, customer number, basic data of your products and transaction limits.

In order to log out securely from PekaoInternet service use "Log out" button, and close the Internet browser window only after logging out.

Subsequent logon

1. On the login page, enter your client number and then click on "Next".

2. On the next page, enter the characters from the password randomly selected by the system
(the so-called masked password) and then click on "Login".

We assume that the <<**Pekao24!**>> password is used.


Pierwsze kroki_wprowadzanie_hasła

In the empty spaces, enter the characters from the password randomly selected by the system
(e.g. if spaces no. 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14 are empty, then you should enter the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth and fourteenth character from the password).

After you login, the "Client home page" with the list of your accounts will be displayed.

For a secure logout from the PekaoInternet channel, first click on "Logout" and then close
the Internet browser window.

Problems with login

I do not have a client number

Client number is available on the personal account Agreement.
If you cannot find the Agreement, please contact consultant at the numbers:

801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32.

After successful identification consultant will give you your client number.

You may also check the client number at any branch of Bank Pekao S.A.

I do not know my PIN to the Pekao24

You may submit the disposition for PIN regeneration in the internet service or in the Pekao24 for tablets application.

After logging in, go to Settings, and then select Password and PIN.

If you cannot log in to the service, go to any Bank Pekao S.A. branch in order to submit the disposition for new PIN generation via SMS or by phone.

You may also contact the consultant at the numbers:

801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32

to order the PIN to your correspondence address for Pekao24.

I do not remember password to the Pekao24

If you remember PIN to the Pekao24 please call the consultant at the numbers: 

801 365 365
or +48 42 683 82 32

in order to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your PIN number, go to any branch of Bank Pekao S.A. in order to generate a new PIN, which you will use to set a new password to Pekao24.

If you have additional questions, check answers to Frequently Asked Questions or contact the infoline of Bank Pekao S.A.

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