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At Premium Personal Banking we offer:

  • personalised service and support of Premium Personal Advisor who helps to manage and multiply your assets,
  • service in dedicated areas situated in over 300 branches, specially designed to ensure feelings of privacy and complete discretion,
  • comprehensive range of products and services of both our Bank and Pekao Capital Group dedicated to the Premium Personal Banking,
  • unique model of financial planning - Investment Advisor.Through the analysis of personal finances with the use of the Investment Navigator you can easily develop investment plan tailored to your needs, 
  • flexible procedures and negotiation of transactions on an individual basis,
  • dedicated offers in rebate programme "Pay with the card, it is worthwhile!",
  • convenience and time efficiency due to Pekao24, a modern e-banking platform that gives free access to you account via the Internet, fixed-line or mobile telephone, or access to Mobile Banking,
  • privacy as our services are always provided in closed rooms to guarantee confidentiality of all talks and transactions,
  • comprehensive Assistance Insurance (Ubezpieczenie Assistance) package dedicated to Eurokonto Premium and Premium Plus, which includes: support  in unexpected accidents during foreign travel, medical care in Poland, car assistance during travel within UE, construction and renovation help and additional information package ( e.g. legal, baby care).


The Premium Personal Banking services and products are dedicated to families:

  • with an average monthly income on the current account of PLN 7,500 minimum, or
  • with an average balance on the Bank and Pekao Capital Group accounts of PLN 50,000 minimum.

Take advantage of our dedicated offer.

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