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In cooperation with T.U. Allianz Życie Polska S.A., Bank Pekao S.A. designed a combined investment and insurance Platform Inwestycja na Plus. This product allows you to make medium- and long-term investments and take advantage of special accidental insurance protection offered by Allianz.

Available strategies

You can choose between four available investment strategies managed by the Pioneer experts -  3 Protected Strategies and for more aggressive investors - Active Strategy.
For each Protected Strategy, protected value is defined as 90% of max value of portfolio unit in 12 moths-term. Regarding this, it is possible to limit potential losses up to 10% in case of worse market scenario.

Each Protected Strategy combines equity and money market fund. Concerning equity funds you can choose between:

  • Polish Market,
  • Emerging Markets,
  • Far East Markets,

For each Protected Strategy, current exposition in class of assets will depend on situation of specific market  - from 0% to 50% of nett asset value for equity funds and from 50%  to 100% of nett asset value for money market fund. 

Active Strategy provides investment in equity funds - commodity and energy markets. Exposition in  this class of assets, in range from 0% to 100% of nett asset value, gives you higher potential of profit

Insurance protection

Take additional advantage of insurance protection:

  • In the event of death, the Beneficiary receives value of  Insured individual account or value of paid premium (higher value),
  • In the event of death of the Insured due to an accident, the Beneficiary receives value of Insured individual account and an insurance benefit of 25% of individual account,
  • Hospital cash due to an accident  - the Insured receives daily hospital cash cover,
  • Bill protection due to an accident when the Insured is disable to work and is on sick-leave for minimum 30 days.

Additional information

  • the offer is available to all Customers aged 18 up to 76 years,
  • first single premium in the amount of minimum PLN 5,000 is required, additional premiums in the amount of minimum PLN 1,000 are  possible during the investment term,
  • flexible access to your capital - partial and total pay-off possibility,
  • no medical tests are required,
  • minimum 5 years of investment period is recommended.

Dedicated internet system

Insured Customers get possibility to use internet system e-serwis with access to individual account value, funds transfers between the strategies, change of allocation strategy for the next premiums and personal data.

Investment benefits

As Inwestycja na Plus is a life insurance product you can also enjoy other advantages:

  • benefits from insurance agreements are not subject to the inheritance and donation tax (Polish Civil Code 831 §3),
  • benefits from life insurance are protected against court execution in 75% (ordinance of 4 July 1986 of the Ministers of Finance and Justice).
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