Logo history - Bank Pekao S.A.

Logo history

The first logo of Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. presented letters of the acronym ofLogo2 the name: P, K and O, laced together. In 1936 it was changed into an extended sign, in which a stylized eagle joined the letters.

In 1957, the graphic artist Jan Hollender developed, upon request of the bank, its new logo, consisting of the letter P with a stylized globe inscribed in it. Originally, the parallelograms of the globe chart were arched; in the 1970s the author, upon request of the Bank, made modifications and made them simple, they were also slightly thickened with the meridians - for a better reproduction, especially in the contemporary typographic technique.

In 1996, the CODES company, upon request of the Bank, re-standardized the "with the globe" logo by cleaning it of distortions that have accumulated in many years of reproduction in photographic studios.

After the establishment of the banking group Pekao SA on 16 September, 1996, a competition for the development of a new trademark was announced at the beginning of 1997. The MARS&VENUS agency won the competition. At that time, the symbol of the Pekao SA Group was created - a bison sign in a compilation with the name "Grupa Pekao SA". The logo acted as a trademark of all four banks included in the Pekao SA Group.


After completion of the banking consolidation of the Pekao SA Group and the creation of one new Bank Pekao S.A. from it, on 1 January, 1999, the brand name of the new Bank Pekao S.A. became the stylized silhouette of the bison, while the symbol - compilation of the bison sign with the name "Bank Pekao S.A." - in a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

In 2009, to emphasize the affiliation of Bank Pekao S.A. to the international banking group UniCredit, one of the leading international financial institutions, a complement in the form of the so-called endorsement appeared next to the existing logotype: "Member of UniCredit Group". In this transitional form, the logotype functioned in marketing communication until 2012.

Logo - poziom kontra

In June 2012, Bank Pekao S.A., as the UEFA Euro 2012 National Sponsor, appeared in new white and red colours. The new logotype in this stylization emphasized its belonging to the UniCredit Group, but at the same time it kept the traditions of the strong name "Bank Pekao", well-established on the Polish market, which remains unchanged.

On 7 June 2017, the process of acquiring Bank Pekao shares by Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń (20%) and the Polish Development Fund (12.8%) was completed. Along with the change in the shareholding structure, the bank's logo changed. On 8 June, 2017, the bison again appeared in the bank's logo, which is invariably one of the most recognizable brands on the Polish market. After five years, the bank returned to its traditional bison mark in white and red colours, which symbolically became part of the bank's repolonization process.

The bison in the Bank Pekao logo symbolizes strength, tradition and security. As a socially responsible institution, the bank has been cooperating with the Białowieża National Park and other institutions dealing with bison care since 2004. The sculpture of the bison in front of the headquarters of the bank in Warsaw by the eminent Polish sculptor - Prof. Adam Myjak emphasizes our relationship with this wonderful animal and the values it symbolizes.