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For almost a century we are setting the standards on the market. We are a reliable partner in everyday life of millions of Poles. We help to make dreams come true and to pursue passions. We have positive impact on the economy, we build strong relationships with entrepreneurs and provide safety to our customers. We put innovative services into practice in an easy and friendly way.



Let’s be the best together
Our aspiration is to become a leader on the Polish banking market. Our ambition is to be the fastest developing and modern bank with offering going beyond traditional services. We wish to strengthen domestic brands and provide convenience and safety to every customer. We want to be an inspiring workplace.



„Responsible Bank. Modern banking" is the new strategy of Bank Pekao S.A. for the years 2021-2024, announced in March 2021.

According to the strategic plan, Bank Pekao S.A .:

  • will be a universal bank of first choice for its customers
  • will develop remote distribution and customer service model
  • will focus on cost and process efficiency
  • will grow in most profitable market segments

Pekao's ambition in the 2024 horizon is to be among the most profitable and effective banks in Poland. Therefore, as part of the implementation of the new strategy, the Bank focuses on:

  • significant increase in the return on equity (ROE) from 4.5% in 2020 to ~10% in 2024 and
  • reduction of the cost-to-income ratio (C / I) from 49% in 2020 to ~42% in 2024.

The main strategic goals also include an increase in the number of active mobile banking customers from 2 million in 2020 to 3.2 million in 2024.

The strategy is based on four pillars: Customer, Growth, Efficiency and Responsibility.

The „Customer” pillar

The Bank will put customers and their needs at the center of all its activities, therefore it intends to intensively develop digital channels as well as fast and convenient service processes. Pekao will strive to enable retail clients to handle almost any matter online. The digitization rate amounting to nearly 100% is one of the key strategic aspirations. The PeoPay mobile application will be the main distribution channel. The Bank will make even greater use of advanced data analytics and modern sales support tools in order to personalize the offer, improve the quality of service and increase customers’ willingness to recommend its services. A key measure of success that the Bank will strive for is a significant improvement in customer satisfaction rankings.


The „Growth” pillar

The Bank will focus on business growth in the most profitable market segments, product groups and areas of untapped potential, which will bring improved profitability, i.e. consumer finance, microbusiness, SME and MID enterprises.
Over the next four years, Pekao wants to acquire over 400,000 individual customers every year and increase its market share in cash loans from 7 percent up to 10 percent. Moreover, the Bank will seek to rejuvenate the demographic structure of the retail customer base. The goal is to acquire over 600,000 customers under 26 years of age by 2024.

The growth in the SME segment is to result in an increase in the market share up to 12%. In the microbusiness segment the bank plans to acquire over 40,000 customers annually and increase the market share by 3 pp. up to 8 percent.
Pekao will also focus on digital growth in investment products - over 80 percent of sales volume of mutual funds is to be realized in remote channels.
The Bank also wants to strengthen business synergies and cooperation with PZU, which will result in an increase in sales of insurance products and a twofold increase in the gross written premium by 2024.
Pekao also strives to strengthen its presence on the e-commerce market. Therefore, it will make deferred payments available and launch offer of installment loans available on-line. It will also offer solutions for e-stores and e-commerce platforms enabling sale in installments.


The „Efficiency” pillar

In times of strong pressure on the profitability of the banking sector, the ability to effectively manage costs and process excellence has become even more important, which is why the Bank will focus on technological transformation and improvement of efficiency of operations, will accelerate digitization and migration of processes to remote channels and optimize credit processes.
The driving force behind the transformation and implementation of the strategy will be the Bank’s IT - flexible and able to quickly respond to the needs of the Bank's operating units and customers in changing market conditions. By 2024, the Bank plans to invest in transformation and develop the IT area in the following areas:

  • technology and innovation,
  • modern architecture,
  • rapid software development,
  • infrastructure reliability,
  • people and competences.

Strategic aspirations also include goals in terms of:

  • shortening the time to loan decision up to 8 days for a mortgage loan and up to 1 day for a loan for micro-enterprises and SMEs
  • increasing the number of SME, MID and Corporate customers using self-service in digital channels to over 80%


The „Responsibility” pillar

The bank wants to support economic development by focusing on distribution of government and EU economic recovery and climate transformation programs for their clients. At the same time, the commercial and operational activities of the bank will be more based on the factors of sustainable development.
Pekao wants to maintain a safe risk profile in the changing market environment and have one of the lowest costs of risk among the largest banks. To achieve that, it will improve the infrastructure of risk models, automate credit assessment processes and pay attention to cybersecurity.


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