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Mobile banking allows to manage accounts via telephone or other mobile device with the internet access through mobile application or mobile service.


PeoPay mobile banking

Is a fast and convenient access to accounts and your other products in Bank Pekao as well as the functions of paying by phone on the internet and contactless payments in Poland and abroad (when the phone has NFC function).

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Pekao24 on Your phone

Pekao24 mobile service is available at (type "" in Your browser and you will be automatically directed to the site adapted for mobile phones).
Pekao24 mobile service allows You to perform on Your phone most of the operations You know from the Pekao24 internet banking. In addition, we have divided Your expenses into categories. Thanks to that, You can check how much you spend on home, children, entertainment or health. You can easily reassign expenses to categories.

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 Aplikacja Pekao24 na tablety

Application Pekao24 for tablets

The application enables the realization of the most important operation known from the Pekao24 Internet service, and is also equipped with a tool of financial analysis, which facilitates the review of revenue and expenditure within their accounts and helps manage the household budget. The application presents spending in a transparent manner by category, eg. House, transport, health, together with summaries.

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