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Pekao24Przelew is the service which gives you the option to make secure, fast and convenient payments for purchases made on the Internet. Thanks to Pekao24Przelew you will make payments directly from your account. It is sufficient to have a Eurokonto account in our Bank with access to the Pekao24 channel. The executed payment will be visible in the history of the account from which it was made.

Advantages of making payments with Pekao24Przelew:

  • REQUESTS EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY - the seller immediately receives a notification about the fact that the payment was made ? it is performed online, thanks to which you will receive the purchased products faster.
  • TRANSACTION EXECUTED IN A SECURE WAY - the transfer is just as safe as other transfers made in Pekao24 ? it is confirmed with a TAN. Each payment going through Pekao24Przelew is sent via a secure, encrypted connection.
  • CONVENIENCE - you do not waste time entering the recipient?s account number and details ? you receive a pre-filled transfer form that is ready to be approved.
  • PRIVACY PROTECTION - no information containing your confidential details such as the client number, password or account balances are transmitted to the store in which you are making purchases.

The Pekao24Przelew is very simple to use ? only a few clicks of a mouse will do the job:

  • Go to the website of a given store and fill the shopping cart. Next, select the payment form by clicking on the Pekao24Przelew icon.

You will be redirected to a website on which you will login to the PekaoInternet channel.
  • Enter your client number and the requested characters from your password to the PekaoInternet channel. After correct login, the automatically pre-filled transfer form will be displayed (when performing a transaction through Pekao24Przelew you will not be able to perform any other operations on your accounts).

  • Check the accuracy of the entered data and then approve the transfer using the TAN/PekaoToken/hardware token/SMS code.

  • That's it! The transfer is ready.

Right now purchases on the Internet take only a moment...

  • Blue Media

    Blue Media

    Blue Media S.A. is a company that specializes in comprehensive IT solutions
    for entities from the financial and telecommunications sector. Its basic line
    of business includes implementation of Internet sales support systems, implementation
    and administration of e-commerce platforms, delivery of corporate solutions as well as implementation and administration of the author?s solution allowing to top up a pre-paid mobile phone over the Internet.

  • PayU


    PayU is a global payment service provider for e-businesses. The Company has a leading position on e-payments market in Central and Eastern Europe and processes transactions for thousands of merchants operating in the region, including partners such as: Allegro, AmRest, AVON, Blue Air, MAKRO, Orange, PKP Intercity, PLAY,, TUi, Virgin Mobile.
    The scope of payment services offered by PayU includes e.g. one-click payments, mobile payments designed for shop apps and fully online instalments. PayU is proud to be the most recognisable and trusted brand among buyers, with every third online shopper in Poland using its services.
    The international PayU Group operating in 16 countries on 4 continents is owned by Naspers, a South African media multinational that presents the greatest upward dynamics and is ranked third worldwide in terms of the number of e-commerce customers served.

  • Dotpay


    Dotpay exists on the market since 2000 and is the undisputed leader among
    companies providing financial services (financial intermediation) in regard
    to money transfers between buyers and sellers on the Internet. Several
    years of practice on a very demanding market, a stable financial situation,
    vast experience, the use of cutting-edge technical solutions and strict adherence
    to safety rules plus a wide range of services are the reasons why thousands
    of companies have chosen Dotpay as the service through which their online
    payments are carried out.

  • DialCom24


    Przelewy24 Service is one of several Internet services provided
    by Poznań located company DialCom24.
    The company specialises in creating and maintaining software for a wide range of services connecting business and individual customers. Our highly specialised staff comprises individuals who having perceived progress in the sphere of technology decided to construct a unique product which has become a tool facilitating and enhancing on-line payment processes. Moreover, the system allows for servicing SODE system enabling electronic data exchange, e.g. electronic invoices. Since the very beginning we have been using a wide range of tools so that the end users of software created by us could obtain all they wish for most:

    • high speed
    • simple operations
    • financial savings
    • safety

    Przelewy24 pays special attention to providing top quality applications and professional services which satisfy expectations of most sophisticated customers; using such methods our company has become a leader on Polish market in the fields of its operation.

  • eCard


    eCard S.A. has been operating since 2000. It is a specialized outsourcing company
    which offers services on the financial and banking market as well as in the sector
    of large and small enterprises. The company offers intermediacy in cashless
    settlement of payment transactions, outsourcing of ATM networks, distribution
    of text messages and online top-ups of mobile phones. eCard holds certificates
    of international payment organizations such as Visa International and MasterCard
    International, and thus, it guarantees the highest level of security.

  • PayByNet


    PayByNet is a system of direct and guaranteed Internet payments for e-commerce and the public sector. PayByNet is the first system in Poland which offers on-line transmission of information about the fact that a direct transfer has been made from the client's account to the account of an Internet store
    or an e-government institution, even if both parties have bank accounts in two different banks.
    Once the payment is made, relevant information is immediately sent to the beneficiary of the transfer. As a result, the beneficiary learns that the payment has been made before his or her bank account is actually credited with the relevant amount.
    The payment is guaranteed by KIR S.A. These specific features of the PayByNet system (such as direct money transfer, on-line transmission of information, guarantee of payment) make it particularly appealing to Internet stores, public administration entities and customer service departments of mass creditors.

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