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CDM24 is a convenient way of access to accounts held with CDM Pekao SA and the Bank offered through Pekao24 service. CDM24 service is dedicated to the Clients who are interested in investing on the capital market. It allows safe access to the brokerage account as well as comfortable management of portfolio via the Internet and the phone for 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.


CDM24 service provides you with Internet service that allows You to manage Your brokerage account via the Internet and the phone for 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.


TeleCDM service provides You an access to the account through the consultant from Monday till Friday from 7 am to 10 pm and 24 hours/day through the automated service.

On-line Quotations

Via CDMInternet - service offering on-line quotations in packages which are adjusted to your needs and preferences.

The Clients of Bank Pekao SA having access to Pekao24 service may automatically connect between CDMInternet and PekaoInternet services.

Take an advantage of the integration of the accounts. You will have an easy access to the management of funds as well as the possibility of doing quick transfers in-between the investment and banking accounts.

To activate connection between CDMInternet service and PekaoInternet banking service in section Arrangements in the field connection between CDMInternet service and Pekao24:

  • Enter Your Client Number in Bank Pekao SA.
  • Give your acceptance for safekeeping Your Client Number valid in Bank Pekao SA
  • Accept your instruction by pressing button SAVE.
  • Enter signs chosen randomly from the password, which You use in PekaoInternet.

Ask for more details: 0 801 140 490 or (0-22) 591 24 90.

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