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Answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the Pekao24 service were divided into four thematic sections.

When can I start using Pekao24?

You can start using the service within a few minutes after signing an Agreement at the Bank branch. After activating Pekao24, a TelePekao consultant will return your call at the phone number specified in the agreement for the purpose of generating a PIN. You will receive your client number during your visit to the Bank branch. When you have your client number and PIN, you will be able to login to any Pekao24 channel and obtain information on your accounts held with the bank and check their history. When you login for the first time to the PekaoInternet channel, you will be asked to create a password for that channel.

Can I use all possibilities offered by the service once it has been activated in the Bank's branch office?

Operations in the PekaoInternet service can be effected immediately upon signing the contract in the Bank's branch office and setting the PIN using comfortable and safe codes generated by PekaoToken, hardware token or SMS codes to authorise them Execution of some operations in the TelePekao service shall require the single-use TAN block (does not refer to users who have selected hardware token to authorise operations). The code card shall be mailed within several days upon service activation.

Is it possible to change my client number?

No. Each client number is unique and is permanently assigned by the Bank's IT system.

What should I do if I forget my client number?

Information on the client number may be obtained in each Bank branch or from a TelePekao consultant at 801 365 365, if you have a PIN for Pekao24.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes. Your PIN for Pekao24 may be changed any number of times in the TelePekao, PekaoSMS, internet service and in Pekao24 application for tablet.

What to do when my PIN number is lost or forgotten?

In this situation please contact with consultant of the Bank (801 365 365), or go to the branch to generate a new PIN.

What should I do if I forget a password to the PekaoInternet channel?

If you know the PIN for other Pekao24 channels, you should contact a TelePekao consultant at 801 365 365 who will cancel the password for PekaoInternet. When you login to that channel again, the system will ask you to create a new password.
If you do not know the PIN, a new PIN should be generated by calling a TelePekao consultant or at the Bank branch.

What shall I do if I forget the PIN and password and all Pekao24 channels are blocked?

In case of forgetting or loosing Pekao24 PIN and password and blocking all channels the new Pekao24 PIN should be generated.
It can be done:
  • With help TelePekao consultant (+48 42 683 82 32) - after getting the PIN in recorded letter on correspondence address the unblocking all channels will be necessary - with help the TelePekao consultant (the TAN block card is needed) or in the Bank Branch. The password to the PekaoInternet will be established during first logging in.
  • In the Bank Branch - the new PIN will be established during callback. After establishing the PIN the new PekaoInternet password should be created during first logging in.

How to unblock access to the Pekao24 channel if you request your PIN be sent to your mailing address?

In order to unblock all channels, after you receive the PIN you should contact a TelePekao consultant at 801 365 365 or visit the Bank branch in person. If you submit an order by calling a TelePekao consultant, you will be able to use the service immediately after the end of your conversationwith the consultant. If you submit the order at the Bank branch, you will not be able to use Pekao24 again until the next business day.

How to activate One-Time Password Card?

When the OTP Card is not available, you can activate the card by contacting the consultant of TelePekao or by submitting the request at the branch of the Bank or by initiating card activation  in PekaoInternet service. In order to do this, go to "Settings" section, and next to OTP Card" and choose the option "Activate" next to a given card. 
After introducing the card number and validating the request, the consultant will phone back the number defined for calling back, and will activate the selected OTP Card.
You can activate the subsequent card through the consultant of TelePekao or by yourself, via PekaoInternet, by giving the requested password from the active OTP Card as well as the number of a new card and the password with number 1.

Is it mandatory to activate the TAN Block?

No, however in such case you will not be able to make certain transactions through Pekao24, such as e.g. making non-recurring MTs (to accounts that have not been predefined), creating MTs to predefined accounts, changing the daily and monthly transaction limits and changing your own personal details.

How can I order the new TAN Block?

The new TAN Block is sent automatically if you use 35 TANs on the old TAN Block. You can also order
it yourself in all Pekao24 channels or at the Bank branch (you can have the maximum of three TAN Blocks at any given time).

Can a co-accountholder on my account use the Pekao24 service?

Yes. Each accountholder receives a client number in the Bank branch. The PIN and the TAN Block
are sent to each user via mail to the address specified in the order within three business days after
activating the Pekao24 service at the Bank branch.

Will a a co-accountholder on my Eurokonto account have the access through Pekao24 to all of my accounts?

No. Each accountholder will have access to the accounts and the orders placed by him/her according to his/her authorization. All products held with the bank are visible under one personal and unique client number. This solution makes it possible to fully and simply control and manage the funds.

Can I establish a power-of-attorney to Eurokonto?

Yes. In order to establish a power-of-attorney, you should go with the person to be named
as the proxy to the Bank branch in which your account is kept. If the proxy is also a Eurokonto accountholder, he/she will be authorized to manage the specified account through all Pekao24 channels.

Will the proxy I appoint have the access to my account through Pekao24?

If the proxy is also a Eurokonto accountholder, he/she will be authorized to manage the specified account through all Pekao24 channels including sending MTs, as part of his/her domain power-of-attorney.

What fee is charged for activating/using the Pekao24 service?

The fees related to Pekao24 are charged according to the Fees and Charges Table.

Do I have access to my account history through Pekao24?

Yes. The list of performed transactions may be obtained through all Pekao24 channels. It includes the transactions performed during the previous 12 months. "Current transactions" include the account history for the most recent three months, and the "Archived transactions" include the account history for the earlier months

Can I view an account statement online?

Yes. In PekaoInternet you can view and download online statements for current accounts, deposits and payment cards for the previous 12 months. Electronic statements contain the same range of information as hard-copy statements

Can I discontinue receiving hard-copy statements since I have access to them through the PekaoInternet channel?

You can discontinue receiving account statements by submitting a written order at the Bank branch. However, the statements for credit cards and deposits have to be mailed to the client's address.

Which browser can I use to manage my accounts through PekaoInternet?

Information on recommended Internet browsers may be found in the bookmark for the PekaoInternet channel - Software requirements.

How can I contact a TelePekao consultant?

In order to contact a consultant:
  • dial 801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32
  • on the phone keypad , select "2", to go to the transaction service
  • logon with client number and PIN
  • select "0".

You can use the consultants' channel all day and every day.

If I hold a Bank account, can I receive information (confirmation) via text message about account transactions?

Yes. In order to use this option, all you need to do is personalize the alerts, i.e. specify the types of alerts you want to receive in the PekaoInternet channel or by calling a TelePekao consultant.

Can I receive information via text message about proceeds to my account?

Currently this service is not yet available to Bank Pekao S.A. clients.

What are the costs of using the PekaoSMS channel?

There is no charge for responses to inquiries sent via text message. The client only pays for sending a text message according to the rate charged by the given operator. The fee for using the SMS alerts service and sending an authorization code for the transaction is charged in accordance with the prevailing Fees and Commissions Table.

What is a default account?

It is a personal current account specified by the Pekao24 user in order to gain easier access to account information. You can change the default account in the PekaoInternet channel or by calling a TelePekao consultant.

What is "the defined order"?

The defined order is the order for the transfer to the beneficiary whose data and account number has been predefined by the Client, i.e. entered and stored in the system. It is possible to choose at the establishment of the defined order the option of transaction authorization with one- time password.

How to define a transfer?

A transfer can be defined with the TelePekao consultant (801 365 365) or in the PekaoInternet.
A single-use  code/SMS code/code generated by PekaoToken or hardware token is necessary to authorise such an operation.

How can I modify or delete the defined order?

The request for the modification or deletion of the order may be submitted to the consultant of TelePekao or in PekaoInternet service. In order to do this, you should go to "Defined Order" bookmark and choose the option "Modify" or "Delete" next to the name of the specific order on the list.

Can I make an MT abroad in Pekao24?

Pekao24 has the option of sending foreign currency transfers to foreign banks by submitting an order in the PekaoInternet channel or by calling a TelePekao consultant.

Can I check the status of a submitted order?

Yes. You can check the status of the submitted order on the "List of Submitted Orders"
in "Accounts" bookmark.

In Pekao24, can I send domestic MTs between accounts kept in different currencies?

In PekaoInternet and by calling a TelePekao consultant you can send foreign currency transfers from PLN accounts and foreign currency accounts. In the case of MTs made to accounts in currencies other than the currency of the account to which an MT is debited, the FX rates determined and announced by the Bank that are current as at the date of making a transaction are used for conversion, taking into account the FX changes during the transaction date.

Can I make via Pekao24 the transfers from credit cards?

Pekao24 gives the option to make transfer from credit card accounts to own accounts.
The operation is open for credit cards serviced by the Bank pursuant to the Regulations
"Credit Cards for Individuals at Bank Pekao S.A".

Can I authorize another person to make MTs?

Yes, it is possible on the condition that a domain power-of-attorney is granted in the Bank branch. If the proxy is also a Eurokonto accountholder in the Bank branch, he/she will be authorized to manage the specified account through all Pekao24 channels.

Can I credit additional funds to a payment card account/repay the card debt through Pekao24?

Yes. In Pekao24 you can make a MT to a card account (does not apply to charge cards), and for credit cards - you can use the automatic card repayment option.

How long does it take for you to execute a transaction from the moment when I submit an order through the Internet?

The time it will take for the money to be delivered to the recipient depends on the hour of submitting an order as well as the day of the week and the clearance system of the recipient's bank. This may last from six hours to three days (does not apply to foreign currency transfers).

What should I do to receive an MT confirmation?

In PekaoInternet you have the option of printing out a confirmation for a transaction executed in the electronic form. In order to receive a document confirmed with the Bank's stamp, you have to visit the Bank branch keeping the account. The Bank does not charge fees for the Bank branch's confirmation of a transfer made through Pekao24.

When should the order to delete/modify a recurrent payment be submitted?

A recurrent payment should be deleted/modified by the end of the day preceding the date
of executing the order specified by the client, before midnight. The transaction may be
executed by calling a TelePekao consultant, in PekaoInternet or at the Bank branch.
You can also suspend/reinstate a recurrent payment in all Pekao24 channels.

Is it possible to submit an MT order with a deferred execution date?

Yes. By calling a TelePekao consultant and in PekaoInternet you can submit an MT order and specify
a future execution date.

Considering that the execution date for a standing order/order with future date is the holiday/31st day of the month, when such operation will be carried out?

When the date of the operation is a holiday, you can choose the date of payment using one
of the following options:

  • the previous working day,
  • the current day,
  • the next working day.

The monthly order defined for the 31st day of the month is executed, for 30 ? day months,
on the last day of such months, i.e. on the 30th day.

Will recurrent payments/future date payments rejected due to insufficient funds be executed when the account is credited with an adequate amount?

Recurrent payments/future date payments rejected by the system due to insufficient funds will not
be executed when sufficient funds are credited to the account. In the case of recurrent payments,
a payment will be executed in the next cycle in which the order should be performed.

Can I open a deposit with preferential interest in Pekao24?

Yes. Such option is available to retail clients. E-lokata is established in PLN for 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 360 calendar days. The minimum deposit amount is PLN 1000.

Can I close a deposit through the Pekao24 channels?

Yes. The transaction may be executed in TelePekao and PekaoInternet channels and at the Bank branch.

Can I top up my mobile phone using the Pekao24 service?

Yes. You can top up your mobile phone in the PekaoInternet channel, by calling a TelePekao consultant and in PekaoSMS. It is not possible to top up a phone in the TelePekao automated channel.

How can I top up a phone by sending a text message?

In order to top up a phone via the PekaoSMS channel, you have to create a predefined top-up.
You can do this in the PekaoInternet channel and by calling a TelePekao consultant.

Can I top up my phone on a recurrent basis?

Yes. All you need to do is establish a recurrent top-up in the PekaoInternet channel or by calling
a TelePekao consultant.

Can I view an account statement online?

Yes. In PekaoInternet you can view and download online statements from current accounts,
deposits and payment cards for the previous 12 months. Electronic statements contain the same
range of information as hard-copy statements.

Are the banking transactions performed in Pekao24 secure?

All banking transactions performed via the Internet are encrypted with the SSL protocol. Cryptography based on the private key - public key paired with the length of 1024 bits is used for connecting to the server. In addition, the security of banking operations is ensured by the most advanced cryptographic technology which uses a session key with the length of 128 bits, which can be used in only one given session. In addition, the Bank's system, which assigns PINs and client numbers, effectively protects from the third party breaches, and additional protection for the transactions is ensured thanks to the possibility of changing a password/PIN many times. The system security is also ensured by:  the password, the transaction limits, session expiration and authorization with the use one-time code.

How do I know that I have initiated a secure (encrypted) connection in the PekaoInternet channel? How do I know whether I am connected to the Bank Pekao SA's server?

Upon initiating an encrypted connection (after you login to the channel), the browser will display https:// instead of http:// in the address bar, and a locked padlock symbol will be displayed on the browser status bar. After you click on it, the following information on the certificate will be displayed: to whom and by whom the certificate was issued and its expiration date.
General properties of the Bank's certificate are as follows:

  • Issued to:; 
  • Issued by: Symantec Corporation.

Can I check the IP of the computer from which I logged in to PekaoInternet service?

Yes. The list of logins, together with IP numbers, is available after logging in to PekaoInternet service, in "Settings" sections" after choosing "Register of Events" option. You can also find there the information on the history of operations carried out within last 6 months.

I mostly use the PekaoInternet channel. Are the security measures used by the Bank sufficient or should I additionally secure my computer?

Regardless of the security measures used by the Bank, each Internet user should take care of his/her computer's security. The security measures depend on the installed system and the used software. There is no universal method that completely secures a computer. However, there are certain guidelines which should be kept in mind if we are to think seriously about security. Antivirus software and personal firewalls give us the option to secure a computer from breach by unauthorized persons who are active online.

What are patches and security improvements and where can I find them?

Practically all programs and operating systems contain errors. Despite this they can still operate, but it is possible that someone might break into the user's computer. Patches are programs which correct errors in other software, and security improvements are software packages that correct errors in the individual software components. They can be found on software manufacturers' websites.

What are the transaction limits in Pekao24?

Transaction limits are the elements which increase the channel's security. They make is possible for the client to establish a daily and monthly transfer limit. This security measure applies to clients who actively use the service.

How can I change the amounts of transaction limits?

You can change the daily and monthly transaction limits:

  • by contacting the consultant (phone number: 801 365 365 or 48 42 683 82 32),
  • in PekaoInternet service ("Settings" section),
  • in Pekao24 application for tablet,
  • at the branch of the Bank.

The change of monthly limits via Pekao24 services requires an additional authorization.
The consultant of TelePekao phones back the number defined for calling back in order
to confirm the submission of the request.

What is the purpose of using the callback procedure?

The callback procedure is used to confirm a client's authorization to submit orders which require a higher level of security. When returning a call, the consultant will ask questions selected by the system to confirm the identity of the person calling. This security measure applies to clients who actively use the service.

What should I do if the client number, PIN, password and the TAN Block are obtained by an unauthorized individual?

In such case, you should immediately call Bank Pekao SA's Infoline at phone number 801 365 365 or 42 683 82 32 and ask for a new PIN to be generated, or contact a Bank branch in this matter. If you lose the TAN Block, it should be cancelled by calling
a TelePekao consultant or in the automatic channel or at the Bank Branch.

What methods to authorise transactions are available in Pekao24 services?

The following methods are used to authorise transactions in Pekao24 services:
- PekaoToken (only in PekaoInternet),
- hardware token (with the help of TelePekao consultant and in PekaoInternet),
SMS codes (only in PekaoInternet),
- single-use code card (with the help of TelePekao consultant and in PekaoInternet).

What does the transaction authorisation in PekaoInternet consist in?

Upon execution of an operation that requires additional confirmation, e.g. an external transfer,
and depending on the method used, the Client is asked to provide one of the following:
- a code generated by the PekaoToken or hardware token
- an SMS code, or
- a code from the card of single-use codes.

What is PekaoToken?

PekaoToken is an application which after installing in the mobile phone is used for generating codes
for accepting operations performed on accounts in the Bank Pekao SA and Dom Maklerski Pekao.

What is hardware token?

The token is a credit card size device used to generate safe, single-use  codes to accept operations ordered in Pekao24 internet service or with the help of TelePekao consultants.

Can transaction authorisation method be changed?

Normally, some transactions effected in Pekao24 services are authorised by the code from the single-use  code card. In PekaoInternet, SMS codes and codes generated by PekaoToken or hardware token can also be used to authorise operations.

The authorisation method can be changed:

- in PekaoInternet, in the "Settings" section,
- with the help of TelePekao consultant,
- in the Bank's branch office.

In the case of authorisation with the use of the PekaoToken, code cards, or SMS codes, the code card should be kept. It will be necessary to accept some transactions effected in the TelePekao consultant service.

Which operations require additional authorisation?

Code card/SMS codes/PekaoToken/hardware token are necessary to effect operations that require
a higher level of safety effected with the help of TelePekao consultant and in PekaoInternet, such as, among others: single-use  code card activation, a transfer to any account, a change of personal data,
a change of transaction limits, setting pre-defined transfers.

Can I check how many passwords in a given OTP card have been used?

Yes. You can check the number of passwords used in PekaoInternet, by selecting "Settings"
section and clicking on "Details" next to the number of an active OTP Card.

I have not received an SMS code, what should I do?

You should click on "Obtain SMS code again" and the code will be sent again to the mobile phone specified for PekaoSMS.

I use the SMS code authorization, but I do not have my mobile phone with me. I have already completed the data transfer; is there a way I could save them?

Yes. In order to approve the transaction later, click on "Authorize later". The transaction will wait for confirmation on the List of Transactions Waiting for Authorization in the "Current accounts" section.

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