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We remind you about security rules while using the electronic banking

Please remember!

  • Keep your confidential data to log on to Pekao24 services, log on only in person. Disclosure of this information to others, including institutions is a violation of the Rules of the bank accounts of Bank Pekao SA for individual clients.
  • To use internet or mobile banking Pekao24 do not require safety certificates, Bank never send them and does not ask for their installation.
  • During telephone contacts Bank will never ask you to enter a PIN to Pekao24. Log in to the telephone services is ALWAYS done in automated services.
  • Bank never ask you to fulfill complete password during logon to the internet and mobile channels and mobile application.
  • Bank does not ask you for the money transfers or other operations test execution via Pekao24.
  • Bank does not ask you about the phone manufacturer, type or number to the PekaoSMS channel during logon to the internet and mobile channels and mobile application.
  • Do not use any links received via e-mail or text message which direct you to logon, when you are not sure about their source. Be careful and keep limited confidence in relation to e-mail messages from unknown senders. We recommend that you do not respond to such emails and especially do not open attachments or visit links in that messages.
  • Check if the next message details containing SMS code is compatible with confirmed operation.
  • If you use a hardware token, remember to never give the token serial number, PIN number and the token codes generated to unauthorized persons. Bank does not send e-mail asking for this information and does not ask about them during logon to the channels.
  • PIN numbers for PekaoToken, hardware token and mobile application should differ from the ones you use In the phone channel and in your mobile device. Choose a combination of numbers harder to guess than the date of your birth.
  • Do not share any confidential information on websites resembling in appearence to Bank website.
  • Never trust the e-mail sender. Fraudsters have capabilities to prepare an e-mail in a way it makes an impression as it was sent from an institution or a person which you trust.
  • Update regularly operating system and internet browsers installed on your computer and mobile device.
  • Do not install on your computer and phone software from sources that you do not trust. Some applications may allow unauthorized tracking the data typed in the browser and also record actions taken on the Internet or automatically redirect SMS with the authorisation code.
  • Secure your computer and mobile devices with professionally antivirus software! Thanks to the offer prepared for Pekao24 Customers you can download Internet Security software produced by leading world manufacturers. You can use the freetest version even for half a year. After evaluation time you will be able to buy the software in special price. To gain the offer click on the home page on banner Antivirus Software.

Inform Bank about all suspicious situations immediately!

In case of any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact the TelePekao consultants who are available all day at 801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32.

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