The PekaoBiznes24 system is a modern online banking system that facilitates the process of managing your funds. This service makes it possible to perform online transactions during the entire business day between Corporate Clients having accounts at Bank Pekao S.A. and offers convenient clearing times with business partners possessing accounts in other banks. Thanks to PekaoBiznes24 you will be able to perform transactions with your business partners and to perform complex financial operations regardless of time and place.

Main benefits for the Corporate Clients:

  • online access - up-to-date information about current account balance (current, term deposit and credit accounts) and about the status of transactions,
  • attractive platform for making quick settlements with your business partners - possibility to make online settlements during the entire business day,
  • latest system security measures (data encryption, electronic signature on a chip card, modern systems to identify the users in relations with the Bank),
  • possibility to choose the type of messages and information which can be received, on-going contact with the consultant through e-mail,
  • effective and easy administration,
  • ideal adjustment of the system to your company's procedures and processes.

The PekaoBiznes24 online banking system provides an easy and secure access to company accounts while guaranteeing the highest level of security of data and financial resources of its clients.

The PekaoBiznes24 online banking system has comprehensive and coherent solutions related to security in every area affecting the system:

  • infrastructural security measures,
  • organizational security measures,
  • technical security measures,
  • secure access to the system,
  • authorization of orders,
  • secure Internet technologies.

The Electronic Banking Hotline provides access to remote support services offered to the Users using the electronic and online banking systems dedicated to Corporate Clients. The support services refer to the remote functional, technical and operational assistance for the Users of the Systems. The aim of the mechanisms used to identify and authenticate the Users using the Hotline is to guarantee the highest standards regarding information security. The main function of the support hotlines is to provide Corporate Clients uninterrupted electronic access to the Bank.

We offer our services in Polish and in English. Our support hotlines are open on business days from 7.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


PekaoBiznes24 hotline

801 656 776 (cost-per-minute is the same as cost-per-impulse)

22 591 22 22


List of supported smart cards and recommended SmartCard reader drivers:

ComarchCryptoProvider Windows Component
(17 MB)

(33,1 MB)

(33,1 MB)

(33,1 MB)

(24,02 MB)

(21,37 MB)

GemSafe Libraries 4.2.0 (25,74 MB)

GemSAFE Libraries 3.2.5 (14,21 MB)

GemPC Card (944 kB)

GemPC Twin image (1,14 MB)

ChipDrive i Towitoko image (7,61 MB)

Komponent CCP bin(17,02 MB)
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