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If you expect the highest level of service and individualised approach, we can offer our most comprehensive financial services available through Premium Personal Banking.

All Your Needs Attended. Now every customer can enjoy own Premium Personal Advisor who is always there to serve. The Personal Advisor listens to the needs, analyses expectations and helps to choose a customised offer that will provide the best terms of service.

All-Round Operation. The range of our operations and our experience is what make us a partner offering the best financial terms. We develop and perfect our offer everyday.  This is why we are able to propose solutions that are tailored to your individual needs to the highest degree possible.

Individualised Advisory. We all need customised solutions. At Premium Personal Banking we understand this need perfectly. We are aware that each and every of our Customers is unique in terms of personal objectives, plans and experiences. In our lifetime our needs change and so do our spending models. We help you to define them and jointly design the most effective financial plan to satisfy your lifetime needs.

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Personal Support

Unique Customers require
individualised solutions.
Therefore we dedicate 
a new financial planning
and customer service model.

Eurokonto Premium Plus

Eurokonto Premium Plus is the personal account package tailored specifically for the Customers serviced by Premium Personal Banking.

Dedicated Credit Cards

We encourage you to take advantage of funds available on your credit card. Always whenever you might need it, even during everyday shopping! Now your credit card is more safe thanks to embedded microprocessor!

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