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The Pekao24 can be used by Eurokonto owners who have signed Pekao24 service agreement with the Bank. Principles of access to and use of Pekao24 electronic banking are contained in Regulations of Bank's Accounts of Bank Pekao S.A. for Individual Customers  and List of Services' Functions.

Pekao24 allows to use account through mobile banking, internet service, telephone and SMS services.

Internet service (PekaoInternet)

Offers the widest range of functions
with all our Pekao24.
It also allows access to the brokerage
account and convenient funds management 
after logging on

Mobile banking

Enables support for accounts through a phone
and tablets with access to the internet via
a mobile applications, that you can download
from the or mobile service
available in the browser at

Phone service (TelePekao)

Allows access to accounts and banking services all day, every day via phone by consultant's service and within an Interactive Voice Responce (IVR) available at numbers: 801 365 365 or +48 42 683 82 32.

SMS service (PekaoSMS)

Allows access to the account by SMS messages
sent from a mobile phone under the number 3803
or +48 665 657 657. The message should
include your client number and PIN and content 
depending upon the type of the operation.

Do you know that when using the Pekao24 service you have the option to:

download bank statements on-line

The documents are presented in PDF files in the PekaoInternet channel (in the "Statements" bookmark) and they look exactly the same as those you would receive via traditional mail. In PekaoInternet you can browse statements from current accounts, deposits and payment cards for the previous 12 months.

open E-lok@ta with a preferential interest

You can establish E-lok@ta for 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 360 days. The minimum deposit amount
is PLN 1,000. The interest earned on the deposit is fixed and it depends on the deposit amount.

receive messages after logging in to the service

You may receive messages about different events within Pekao24, e.g. about logging in to Pekao24 services, making a bank transfer or a cash withdrawal.

How does it work?

The message about selected events will be sent to your telephone number defined for PekaoSMS service; you can check it by logging in to Pekao24 internet service and entering "Settings" section. You will find here the full list of messages for a specific event type.

Activate the messaging function via PekaoInternet service or by contacting the consultant
of TelePekao and you will see how easily you can get a full control over your own account.

The price for one SMS is only PLN 0.20. In Pekao24 you can define the amount to be allocated
to messaging; in "Settings" choose "Messaging Settings" and define the account for payments
and the threshold of the amount.

define the contents of the "Home page" in PekaoInternet

You can define the contents of the main page in Pekao24 internet service in order to adapt the view
to your needs; you can move sections with up and down arrow and fold and unfold their contents.
The section "Personalize Main Page" can be found in "Settings".  


  • Accounts List - a permanent component, with no deletion option. It is the list of all of your
    current accounts.
  • Deposits List - the list of all of your deposit accounts.
  • Funds List - the list of your Pioneer investment fund accounts. You will view regular accounts
    and funds managed within the Capital Accumulation Program and Pioneer Individual Pension
    Account (IKE).


  • Cards List - shows the list of all your cards, broken down into active and not activated cards.
  • Loans List - shows the list of your credit accounts


  • Transaction Limits - this section shows the information on the defined limit amount
    and the amount of available limit.
  • Defined Bank Transfers List - the list of bank transfers that you have defined.
  • Periodical Bank Transfer List - this section shows the list of bank transfers made
    periodically with predefined sequence.
  • Pending Bank Transfer List and Monthly Statement - this section shows the list
    of periodical orders submitted by you with a future date, as well as the details of the amounts
    of pending transfers until the end of a current month for each and every account.
  • Defined Recharges List - this section shows the details of the defined recharges of pre-paid mobile phones.
  • List of Accounts in Pekao Brokerage House (DM).
  • Moving to CDMInternet.
  • Balance of Assets and Liabilities.

give your products their own names

In PekaoInternet you can give the products their proper names. The name shall have up to 25 signs and be composed solely of letters, digits and space signs. The space sign may not however be the first sign of such proper name. The function is available in "Settings" (choose "Personalize the Names of Your Products" from the side menu).

receive basic data from the accounts by sending only one SMS

You only need to send to 3800 the text message with the following content:

Client numer#PIN#99

E.g. 9000000000#9000#99

and you will receive a response with basic data from your accounts and cards (main account balance, list of last five transactions, deposit, credit and debit accounts balances).

NOTE: The function is available after personalizing SMSs in PekaoInternet service. In order to do this, you need to select from "Settings" section the option "Personalize PEKAOSMS Messages" and then define what data you would like to receive.

check the IP address of the computer from which the service has been logged in

In PekaoInternet enter "Settings" and go next the "Register of Events", which will show, apart
from the IP address, the list of all operations made via Pekao24 services within the last six months.
In the "Register of Events" you can enter as well "Show Register of Events" section, displayed
in the right bottom corner of each page.

review the history of activities made via Pekao24

You may review the history of activities made via PekaoInternet by selecting specific criteria,
e.g. time, type of service, nature of operation or type of operation. You can check the history
of log-ins and any operations covering e.g. transfers, funds, settings in the service, dates
of activation of OTP card. You can review the history in "Settings", by choosing "Register
of Events" in the side menu.

recharge quickly and easily pre-paid mobile in most popular mobile networks

Via Pekao24 internet service you can easily and quickly recharge your mobile in the following mobile networks: Orange, Plus,T-Mobile, Heyah, Play, Cyfrowy Polsat, wRodzinie, Virgin Mobile, Lycamobile, nju mobile. See the details.

receive bills in an electronic version and pay them with one click

Now, in Pekao24 service you can used eBills - modern form of  payment by the Internet.

New functionality enables receiving bills and invoices from services providers in electronic form
and paying them  with one click via PekaoInternet, without necessity of filling transfer and receiving
paper mail. Check details.

create your personal menu in PekaoInternet, displayed on each page of the service

Thanks to "My Abbreviations" function you can easily and quickly get to your most frequently
used sections. In order to add to the list of abbreviation the function that you are currently using,
you only need to move the mouse to "My Abbreviations" button and choose the option "Add the Abbreviation to this Page". The option "Manage Abbreviation" allows you to move the sections
up and down and to delete any selected item. You may add up to 6 abbreviations. 


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